ISAC – Improved sexual and asexual coral-reproduction. Sexual and asexual reproduction of corals to conserve biodiversity.

Sexual and asexual. In this project facts are examinated, which affect the trouble-free coral offspring. The project partners do not only work on the topic of the  coral fragmentation (asexual propagation), but they also concentrate on the settlement of planula larvae (sexual reproduction) in order to maintain the genetic diversity within a breeding.

Innovative substrates shall provide a targeted settlement behavior of the coral larvae or for a trouble-free growth of the coral fragments. In addition, it is the main topic to develop a microbiotic coral food. Furthermore, biological, chemical and physical factors are examined, which ensure an optimal settlement behavior of the coral larvae and an optimal growth of the coral fragments.

Project executing organisation : AiF Projekt GmbH
Support code: KF2665504MD3
Project period: 1.6.2014 to 31.5.2017

Beteiligte Projektpartner:

  • AquaCare GmbH & Co. KG, Gladbeck
  • Mikrobiologisches Labor Dr. Michael Lohmeyer GmbH
  • Universität Bremen, Advanced Ceramics, Bremen
  • Zentrum für Marine Tropenökologie, Bremen