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Due to the promotion of innovation, future topics are collected through a professional observation and analysis of the technologies presented at trade fairs and in specialist media. By carefully comparing these observations with the framework conditions and interests of the members and partners, conclusions can be drawn on relevant technological trends. Such ongoing processes and possible future developments are evaluated from a technological point of view. Companies are given the topics after those have been filtered and targeted, e.g. in innovation workshops. After the winning and concretising ideas as well as the identification of interested actors, the phase of joint innovation development begins.

Innovation development

In order to be able to use the ideas and new technological approaches that were gathered in the phase of the trendcouting, for their economic conversion, these are converted into new products, services and procedures. First the evaluation of the benefits for the participating companies as well as the concretisation of the ideas are in the foreground. The NRWO! moderates the systematic project planning of the implementation and helps with the subsequent conceptual design. This includes, in particular, the solution of scarce resources (e.g., knowledge, time, money, …).

Partner matching

To be able to carry out exciting joint projects, the NRWO! helps when it comes to finding the right partner. This kind of help includes the placement of potential problem solvers in current challenges and  the finding of strategic partners for development projects, as well as technology transfer in the exchange between business and science. For this purpose, numerous aids such as referral marketing, organization of workshops and anonymous tenders are used.

Subsidies acquisition

If there is a clean project idea, the NRWO! shows attractive funding opportunities, if necessary. With several hundred regional, national and international funding programs, almost every pot has a lid. Due to the experience with support projects and the support in the selection and application for funding, the effort in the application can be minimized and a project start usually realized much faster. As a professional partner answers and “translates” the NRWO! technical and business management issues. As a result, the support of all decision makers (for example, executives, promoters, technicians) is generally secured in a very quick way.