Fluorox – Development of a fluorination reactor in balance with a environmentally friendly, optimized and safety-oriented process Guiding.

For more than 10 years, Woltering has been designing and building systems for the fluorination of surfaces. The company operates fluorination plants for wage fluorination and distributes those. Through Oxi fluorination components or parts which are difficult to be coated are prepared so far, that an excellent adhesion is possible. This form of surface activation is stable for a long time (weeks to months) and this is different to the cartel proceedings named ND plasma, corona or flame. An easier handling (e.g. transport, intermediate storage) until further refinement is facilitated or even made possible in the first place. In addition, the products may be given additional technical characteristics (e.g., barrier characteristics, 3D coatability) by the pretreatment. As part of a cooperation with the FH Münster (college of higher education), a significantly more efficient process was virtually simulated. In the context of this project, the outstanding results shall be transferred into practice.