ProLackTec sees itself as a service provider for the paint manufacturing and coating industry.

As a professional paint and coating developer with many years of experience, we develop individual solutions with you. Sustainable, future-oriented developments determine our actions in accordance with our mission statement. Whether you as an industrial company open up new markets or want to achieve further market advantages with your series products – with our streamlined, efficient structures and holistic offer for a wide variety of applications, you are always one step ahead of your competitors. We offer, according to your requirements, process-optimized paint and coating systems for your special product surfaces.

Our competencies can be found in the areas of product development (individual solutions as new or further developments), coatings for complex surfaces with various properties for the highest qualitative demands on a variety of substrates (e.g. wood, metal, plastics, ceramics, glass …), colorimetry – limitless color variety (creation of color tone formulations on the basis of specially prepared calibration series), process engineering – process optimization (cooperation with leading process engineering machine and plant manufacturers to achieve lean and fast manufacturing processes) as well as products and processes (energy efficient – environmentally friendly – resource efficient – surface functional, orientation to latest technical and legal basic knowledge.

Our service offers holistic consulting (technical and direct communication, technical purchasing advice, performance audit), coating development (contract development – practice-oriented new and / or further development, analyzing and developing requirement profiles, optimization according to specific requirements, optimization of product characteristics, colorimetric services for a wide variety of applications), optimization of your manufacturing processes (process engineering consulting, application technology support, consideration of safety and environmental regulations, continuous quality assurance through internal test procedures).

ProLackTec – your partner for innovative concepts, optimum quality and comprehensive Service.