DEMCON systec industrial systems GmbH

We move Automation.

Systec Industrial Systems GmbH, founded in 1980, moves automation. Systec customers are application specialists and want integrated automation concepts from specialists in control and motion technology. All application solutions are based on our own products Xemo and DriveSets. Xemo stepper motor controllers interpolate path control very gently and precisely thanks to microstepping. With the ready-to-install DriveSets positioning systems as systematically designed linear units and rotary modules including controls that can be easily selected on the Internet and delivered completely assembled, Systec Industrial Systems GmbH has given decisive impetus to the development of mechatronics. Systec’s special application engineering offers complete automation concepts.
The customized FFF/FDM-3D printers developed by Systec for large workspaces have great future potential. Under the name inv3nt, Systec Industrial Systems GmbH presents a range of industrial printers for objects that exceed previously known standards.