MHL Manfred H. Langner e. K.

fascinating relationship - plasmaNorm® and pure air

Development and optimization of atmospheric plasma technologies and electrodes for air treatment, air pollution control, odor removal of organic origin, elimination of germs, viruses, bacteria, spores and pollen for the reduction of allergies and support of wound healing. A use in the human medical field is still without approval.

With our specially developed plasmaNorm® technology, which we developed more than 10 years ago, we have made unthinkable and pioneering work possible in ventilation technology. It is currently the most economical and environmentally friendly exhaust air purification system on the market and cleans as well as it sterilizes contaminated air with unrivaled efficiency of up to 99%.

We offer high-performance and sustainable solutions for industrial applications, the catering and commercial kitchens, the trade and the consumer sector. With plasmaNorm® you get safety from germs, odors, bacteria, VOCs and pollutants. A forward-looking and benefit-oriented technology “Made in Germany”, with 20 years of experience in fluid mechanics and plasma research.

The extension of the technology to other applications shows a growing rate of increase. Occasionally, capacity limits are exceeded in the new application area.

Together with the FH Münster, we have a successful cooperation, with the goal of qualitative and quantifiable results in the field of plasmaNorm® supported VOC / TOC / org. odor reduction. Test and measurement setups have already been installed.

We are looking for partners in the areas of supported air technology, design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and service. If necessary, the handling of larger construction Projects.