Cato Composites BV

Mass production and development of lightweight thermoplastic composite parts and components

Cato Composites BV is a company specialized and with 20 year experience in the mass manufacturing and development of thermoplastic composite (CFRTP) components and parts.

Cato provides development & manufacturing services for lightweight products for consumer goods, e.g. luggage, sporting goods, industrial applications, aircraft interior and personal protection against ballistic. The annual production series vary from 1k to 100k parts.

Cato has in-house engineering (e.g. DFM, FEA, tool design and process engineering) runs developments and component commercialisation through strict stage & gate principles and supplies parts with 100% outgoing control.

Cato is one the best equipped companies focusing on the development and manufacturing of thermoplastic composite components worldwide.

Cato has specific expertise in the following areas of manufacturing:
• tailored structural lightweight carbon and glass reinforced parts
• creation of aesthetic surfaces
• self-reinforced PP for ultra-lightweight parts suited for impact protection
• bio-based Flax/PLA and recycled textile/PLA
• protection against ballistic armour using ara-mid and SRPP
• expertise in hybrid components from above thermoplastic composites and injection moulding
• expertise in manufacturing 3D sandwich components with thermoplastic cores and skins

Join the “Cato craft”

From creativity in engineering, to craftsmanship in manufacturing, leading to guaranteed quality of high volume part manufacturing.

The Cato Craft’ is the sum of co-creation and creativity in design and engineering and
craftsmanship in development and manufacturing. We start by working together, teaming up with you  and our material suppliers. We combine our own knowledge and our state-of-the-art resources  with those of our customers.

And we use our creativity. We may be technical, systematic thinkers, but we are also creative innovators: an uncommon combination. We keep our focus on the material and component engineering, look-and-feel and the manufacturing processes for cost effective production.

Cato is all about craftsmanship, including in the manufacture of a 100% guaranteed quality product.

Cato craft” areas of expertise