J. W. Ostendorf GmbH & Co. KG

J.W. Ostendorf – a Paint Manufacturer with a vision of Energy Efficiency and SUSTAINABILITY

J.W. Ostendorf (JWO), founded in 1948 and now into it’s third generation of family ownership, is the market specialist in retail brand supply for paint and woodcare in the do-it-yourself (DIY) sector. JWO produces in Europe´s most modern paint factory in Germany with a capacity of 400 million litres per annum or more than 2.000 tons per day. The French subsidiary Renaulac, which is specialized in the DIY and Professional segment, is part of JWO’s European strategy and adds another production capacity of 100 million litres. JWO employs altogether 800 People.

Playing the key role of being a developer of paint products and of customer brands JWO has become a full service provider for DIY retailers managing more than 60 different brands in 20 European countries.

In every aspect of its product and production technology JWO strives for excellence and performance in sustainability. Since the beginning of the eighties JWO has specialized in the development of environmentally friendly waterbased paints always taking a pioneer role in that field. Production of waterbased paints implies also the challenge of avoiding microbiological contamination of the paint product itself and the production facilities. JWO has solved this problem by a cross-industry innovation implementing a unique hygiene concept with adapted standards from food industry certified by TÜV Germany. So far JWO has been the first and only paint manufacturer with this type of hygiene certification in Europe. For its continued efforts in the field of sustainability and eco efficiency J.W. Ostendorf was awarded with the first “Blue Angel Award” in 2012.

Due to JWO’s successful development as a specialized producer of own paint labels the number of articles has increased to 35,000 with challenging customer requirements concerning flexibility and shorter lead times at the same time. JWO has also solved this problem by another cross-industry innovation realizing a platform strategy adapted from automotive industry. On the basis of big modular building blocks (platforms) as intermediates numerous differentiated paint products can be produced and delivered. This innovative type of production process emits up to 80 per cent less CO2 compared with the paint-industry Standard.

A number of energy efficient technologies are implemented in JWO’s plants: inline dissolvers, modern pigging pipe systems, heat recovery systems as well as LED lighting systems, for example. An online energy control system covers 85 per cent of the overall electricity consumption in all plants. All measures are supported by an internal corporate carbon footprint measurement derived from JWO’s energy management system according to ISO 50001 introduced in 2013. The energy management system supports the company’s policy in many aspects, from a better management of energy input to energy savings and a lower corporate carbon footprint being an increasingly important competitive advantage in delivering big European retailers.